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Programs & Services

Centers for Independence oversees four affiliates, Milwaukee Center for Independence, Home Care, First Person Care Consultants and iLife. From schools for at-risk children to clinical programs to help people recover from a brain injury, CFI is poised to provide essential support to people of all ages and all abilities with expert staff and resources.

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Satisfaction with Services

What do our clients say about the support services they receive from Centers for Independence?

91 percent

Said They Felt Respected By Staff

93 percent

Said They Had A Say In Their Own Care

91 percent

Said They Would Refer A Friend

91 percent

Said They Trust CFI With Their Care

91 percent

Said CFI's Care Improved Their Life

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Behavioral Health

MCFI Behavioral Health is an affiliate of the Centers for Independence.

Besides integrated outpatient clinical services, we offer supportive housing to reduce homelessness among people living with a mental health challenge. Comprehensive support services are delivered by case managers to ensure successful recovery and rehabilitation. Our crisis resource centers help stabilize and support those experiencing crisis avoid hospitalization or incarceration.

MCFI also offers CBRF Training and Education.

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Children's Services

MCFI is an affiliate of the Centers for Independence.

Home and school-based interventions, and our medical day care, help children with developmental delays or challenges thrive physically, emotionally and academically.

‚ÄčMedical Day Care
Wells Street Academy

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Employment & Food Services

MCFI is an affiliate of the Centers for Independence.

We help job-seekers facing barriers to employment find work, and we link corporate partners and local businesses to a prepared and supported workforce.

Employment Services
Food Services

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Services for Adults

MCFI is an affiliate of the Centers for Independence.

Our in-home personal care workers help people remain living in the home of their choosing. And our recreational programs improve the lives of those with disabilities by helping them gain new skills, meet new people and engage in their communities.

Brain Health
Home Care

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First Person Care

First Person Care Consultants

First Person Care Consultants is an affiliate of the Centers for Independence. it is a nonprofit organization and certified IRIS Consultant Agency. We provide experienced consultants to support IRIS participants of all ages and abilities as they self-direct their long-term care services.

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iLIFE, LLC, is an affiliate of the Centers for Independence. It is a financial management services provider for people enrolled in long-term care programs. We process payroll, handle taxes, and educate consumers to help program participants gain independence.

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